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This is a great app for all parents to use.  I am am now the CDC's Arkansas's Ambassador for Learn the Signs, Act Early!  This will help you monitor your child's development

This is a wake up call for us all.  This is the best summary of the most under recognized public health issue globally!!!

Parents in the US

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All parents please watch this video! 


Is my child's behavior normal?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked by parents.

This web site give parents a quick guide to abnormal behavior signs, symptoms and treatments.

Developmental trauma can mimic ADHD or other emotional/behavioral problems in children, but treatment is different!

The Still Face Experiment is a must watch to understand the importance of interaction/relationship on babies and their developing brains/minds!!! 

This is a must watch video by Gabor Mate for ALL PARENTS AND TEACHERS AND ALL WHO WORK WITH CHILDREN!

How can we practice the Danish way of reframing?

1.  Pay attention to your negativity

2. Practice reframing

3. Use less limiting language

4. Try externalization language:  separated actions from the person

5.  Rewrite your child's narrative to be more loving

6.  Use supporting language

7. Use humor

The Danish Way of Parenting 

This is a great theme song for children and their families with special needs.  

Curiosity, Pleasure And Play: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective by Bruce Perry

In today's world we often underestimate the importance of play. We over schedule our children with educational or structured activities that often inhibit spontaneous, curiosity-driven explo­ration. In the end, if we want to help our children meet their potential, we must allow children to have free time, spontaneous play and safe and enriched play and learning environments.  See article below!!!

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At birth the brains of human babies are less developed than most animals.  Babies’ brains develop rapidly in the first year.   The lower part of the brain, responsible for the baby’s stress response, is well developed at birth.  Signals to the brain from inside the body and the five senses outside the body tell the baby’s brain when something is wrong.  When this happens the baby is distressed and cries.  This can be hunger, thirst, pain or even anxiety due to separation from mother.   The mother who is ‘tuned in’ (i.e. attuned) to her baby will repeatedly respond by lovingly nursing, holding, touching or rocking to relieve the baby’s distress.  This causes the baby to feel pleasure and forms a strong emotional connection between mother and baby.  This nurturing connection or attunement is necessary for the baby’s normal brain development.  The most important task of the first year of life is to create this secure connection between baby and mother.

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Attunement is the basic flow of energy and information between mother and baby! 

This connection between mother and baby is necessary for the baby’s right brain to develop normally. The right brain grows rapidly from the last part of pregnancy through the second year.   Babies do not have memories of the first few years of life.   But abnormal development of the right brain has lifelong bad effects. These cast a long shadow on the future relationships of that baby including the future ability to parent.