Dr. Mease is available to provide consultation to schools for teacher training programs and organizations interested in healthcare projects in China.  He has 13 years experience practicing in China as a pediatric specialist and a leader in international China-based healthcare organizations.

Download Dr. Mease's powerpoint presentation on Understand China's Healthcare System 

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Dr. Mease is available as a speaker for parent groups and physician groups.  Aside for his interest in the impact of culture on healthcare he believes the healthcare transformation is essential and in process in China and the West!

Perhaps China's Weibo generation can help reboot healthcare in China??? 

Today the clinical model in the West is that the insurance company come first, the doctor's clinic/hospital comes second, the doctor come third and the PATIENT COMES LAST!  THIS ALSO THAT MODEL THAT ALL CURRENT INTERNATIONAL CLINICS AND HOSPITALS IN CHINA ARE USING!  This is a model we claim the Chinese should embrace in their efforts at healthcare reform.  BIG MISTAKE! HUGH!!

So what is the alternative for both transforming West and East???


You the patient could get questions answered by phone or by email, without necessarily having to go to the doctor's office?

You could always see your doctor right away, whenever you needed to, for as long as you need to?

You never had to wait in a waiting room again?

You never had to go to the emergency room again, except for a real emergency?

Your whole experience of dealing with your clinical team was so much better than it used to be that you actually looked forward to the interaction?

This could be done by an innovative information age empowered healthcare organization today in China!  China maybe more ready for this than the US!