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A Global Healthcare Revolution

Alan Mease I am a global healthcare revolutionary! Healthcare in all countries is in serious need of transformation! This must start first with the doctor patient relationship!

About Me

I am an American living in China since 2001. I work as a pediatrician caring for foreign and Chinese children. I am philosophically integral and developmental in my orientation. I strongly believe that the future depends on the integration of the cultures of the East and West.

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Let's Take a Vote: Politics in Perspective

August 19, 2013

If the world was governed by the majority we would be Asian.  So we westerners must recognize that we are in the minority and be careful not to think that our western values are universal human values.  

Given that China is the dominant player in this geographic area today and that Chinese modernity is very different than western modernity it is clear that China will transform the world far more fundamentally than any other new global power in the history or modern man.  

The West  and the US in particular find it impossible to image such a world. We need to understand this as an opportunity and not a threat.  The human race will benefit from a creative combination of East and West!  We must go beyond our limiting ideologies and biases and understand the future in terms of both/and and not either/or.  We must go to the next level of human development collectively!!!



Explored the Edges of Harmony

August 17, 2013
     It has been 5 years since I visited Singapore.  Last time I worked one month as a clinical observer at KK Women's and Children's Hospital and this year a month with an internet healthcare company.  My impression is that Singapore is a model of what a modern China will someday look like on a much larger scale, Singapore being a city state and China being a civilization nation, not a nation state by western definition.  Certainly Singapore has remained very Chinese despite it modernization...
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